What our clients think

A selection of testimonials from clients we have worked with for you to read.

Managing Director, Printing Sector

As it was in Covid Lockdown, I “met” Simon for them first time during a zoom call to go through my profile results. He immediately put me at my ease and made the process enjoyable. 
I was amazed how accurate my profile was! It was as though it had been written by someone who knew me well, even those traits that I might not outwardly show. It made me realise why some jobs I had done in the past had not been a good fit for me - I wish I’d had this profile at the start of my career! 
Going forward, the profile helped me understand why some elements of my current job, as a small business owner, can be stressful for me whilst other areas are more fulfilling and come more naturally. It’s made me reflect on what I want to do more of in my business and what support I might need. 

I’ve think the i3 profile is an excellent tool that has many applications such as recruitment (I used to be a recruitment consultant!) as well as providing real self-awareness. I would highly recommend it & Simon!

Partner, Landscape Architecture Practice

Working with my mentor Simon created an environment where I could think about my business in a new way. It stimulated a greater level of confidence to be more creative and aspirational in my ambitions and I have continued to work with Simon developing business growth planning and governance. 

The positive impact on my business and relationships with my fellow directors and staff has been invaluable.

Partner, Chartered Accountants

"Very surprised how close the I3 Profile reflected on my personality and business culture. At first I wasn't sure the answers were totally accurate but when it was explained to me by Kevin, I could see the traits I inherently display going back to my University days 25 years ago and have been with me since. Brilliant"

Entrepreneur, Multiple Interests

"The assessment process was more comfortable than other psychometric testing I've been involved with historically and the advice that came back was practical and it was great to be able to discuss possible manifestations of behaviours/traits and ways in which to address the balance. At a top level, it was really useful to think of these traits as a spectrum rather than strengths and weaknesses.

Kevin is well versed in administering and analysing the tool and his approach was supportive and I would have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone who was thinking of drilling down into personal and team dynamics."

Managing Director, Financial Services

" Kevin provided a well balanced, holistic and professional appraisal of both my current position and that of my team. I value his ability to signpost, coach and mentor both myself and my team in order to secure our full potential both individually and as a team. Great experience!"

CEO, Biomed Sector

The feedback was hugely enjoyable but also unexpected on a number of levels- I did not expect such accuracy and depth of insight based on answering some very simple questions. The manner in which the feedback is delivered by Simon is very constructive, always positive and encouraging even when discussing what effectively are negative traits of my personality. It was very enjoyable.

I was very comfortable with the process but this is likely down to Simon’s manner and style of delivery which is always positive. He certainly makes it clear that the process is being done with a very beneficial outcome in mind. The time allotted seemed to fly by, so definitely a great experience.

Seeing descriptions relating to my natural traits, I realised that I can more comfortably rely on some of the highly expressed ones while also understanding how “adding value” to everything I do actually reflects some of my choices. This is particularly the case in situations where I switch off because I cannot see the way in which I can contribute to the situation/relationship. I had not appreciated this aspect and previously thought that the “switch off” must be some loss of interest based on subconscious thoughts, however it seems to be much more based on perceived inability to add value, which makes sense.

 I will definitely use the newly found awareness in all avenues of life. My primary issue seems to be the fact that as an independent thinker with some antisocial leanings, I have complete reliance on my own abilities to work out the best way forward. I am investing time in listening to others and considering alternative views and ideas and holding open discussions before taking a final decision. Sound boarding with a mentor is also about to be employed so the process has been very helpful indeed!

Managing Director, Electrical Wholesale

Kevin's been an inspiration to me and my company, enabling a completely new thought process I'd not previously considered. His instant understanding of my business needs, led to new ideas that completely changed my growth & communication strategies. Growth in the last 3 years has surpassed the previous 10 years, which speaks volumes.