About Us

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Simon Taylor  MBA

Simon is an expert strategist who has a deep understanding of Leadership, Organisational Culture, Strategy, Performance Improvement and Risk and how they influence organisational direction, growth and ultimately success. He is passionate about enabling people and organisations to achieve their true potential.

Comprehensive experience of managing vertical and horizontal relationships with private and public sector stakeholders, as well as the political interface with local, regional and national elected members. Simon has been responsible for leading negotiations with government officials, lenders, partners, contractors, workforces and unions.

Simon is a mentor for the NELEP, a Member of the Experience Bank, and in addition holds some Non-Executive Director positions.

Kevin Maddison  MBA

Kevin has over 25 years’ experience in business organisations, corporate strategy and internal team performance working nationally and internationally in sectors such as property development, investment houses, financial services, software solutions as well as with many SME’s and start up businesses.  

Kevin works to help understand behaviours of individuals inside an organisation to establish the impact on their business environment.  A proven track record of extracting cost from internal business processes; he develops improvement using team relationships and behaviours that result in productive collaborative working.

Kevin  specialises supporting any organisation with their leadership team development, management skills and business process improvement using i3 assessment tools.